You are in control

If you already have a website, chances are you found yourself more than once in a situation where you wanted to make a small modification to your website where the only solution in hand is to call the original developer and ask him/her to do the required modification for charge. And this is if you are lucky. We have met many clients who do not even know where to find the original developer.

In Bigger Impact Digital Growth Systems we make sure you will never be in this situation again:

  • We use WordPress, as it is by far the best and easiest to use web publishing tool available today. You or your team members can update your content, add images and post blog entries as often as you want. Sometimes a small modification such as address or price change can be done within minutes.
  • We make sure your specific customization is done along the industry standards in a way that does not vendor lock you so that you could hire anybody to do modification to your site in the future.
  • And if you need help, we have created robust WordPress maintenance plans to help you enjoy the WordPress capabilities and at the same time have the peace of mind knowing that an experienced provider is taking care of the technical details you have no interest in; backing up the data and files of your site, updating the software and then testing for any potential areas that need any troubleshooting and correction. Our WordPress Support Packages give you peace of mind knowing that your website remains secure, up to date and fully functional.