10 Keys For Facebook Advertising Success – What Every Coach Needs To Know Before They Launch Their First Campaign.

Do you want more leads for your coaching business?

Other businesses advertise on your Facebook feed, and you probably think this might work for you (Some of those ads might even tell you they can help you get more leads ☺).

Incredibly 92% of businesses advertise on Facebook; at least, in the coaching business, this has been the norm. But then you hear comments like this: 

“Advertising on Facebook does not work for me. I have done a campaign before and no customer has come”.

While 62% of the businesses that use Facebook ads don’t get good results, the truth is, Facebook ads are still one of the best tools for growing your coaching business (especially if you have the resources to run them right). 

So whether you’re planning on hiring someone to help you out with Facebook ads or you prefer to do it yourself. These 10 keys will give you enough information so you are prepared and don’t waste your money and time on Facebook.

Key #1: Research Your Target Market

Segmentation is one of the most powerful tools from Facebook Ads. Before you spend a dime you must have a clear idea of who you’re trying to reach. Creating a detailed customer profile would have a huge impact on your marketing overall.

Find their goals, values, challenges, pain points, demographics, and sources of information. Try looking at your current clients for inspiration and make assumptions if you have no data. Don’t wait for surveys or interviews to be conducted to create your first draft.

You can study your competitors’ ads and benefit from Day 1 of all the work done by market leaders. Dive into the FB Ads Library and start decoding the ads that leaders are testing in your region.

Key #2: Research Your Competition

Use google to find your competition, check who’s buying google ads, and look at their brand name in the Facebook ads library. This will give you some templates to use for your ads.

There are other methods and tools that can be used to evaluate and analyze Facebook Ads from competitors. For example, you can check the Page Transparency box on a competitor’s page and check their ads library or you can get targeting insights with “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” but I’ve found that the Facebook Ad Library is the easiest and most reliable option available.

Key #3: Optimize Your Funnel

Facebook ads are only one of the pieces of the puzzle, there’s no point in creating a great Facebook campaign if you send that traffic to an offer that’s not optimized.  

Before you start advertising on Facebook you must take into consideration three essential components that are part of every successful campaign. If you don’t include them you’ll probably end up scratching your head wondering why your efforts aren’t yielding the results you want.

These are the three essential components you need to remember.

  1. Great Offer: It all starts with your prospect in mind. Find a way you can add value to your marketplace in a way that’s completing enough for them to take action.
  2. Specific Audience: Segmentation is one of the most powerful tools from Facebook Ads. You need to be very specific about who you’re trying to reach.
  3. Compelling Copy: You have to put your offer into words in a way that your target can identify with. Many coaches have the skills, but they cannot write a good copy. It takes a lot of practice, but once you get the hang of it, the results are incredible.

Key #4: Choose the Right Ad Objective for your Ads

The first thing you must do on Facebook when setting up a campaign is to choose the right objective. Facebook has a list of eleven objectives that you can use to promote your business.

But not all these objectives are useful for coaches.


Traffic ads send people to a page outside of Facebook. The link would typically send people to a landing page that offers something for free, a webinar, a free report, a quiz, etc. Traffic ads can perform well. The results depend on the ability of the landing page to convert visitors.

Leads Generation

Leads Ads are perfect for generating potential customers. It’s a quick way to obtain contact info from strangers in exchange for something they consider valuable, without going out of Facebook. Lead ads are great to build a list to nurture into becoming your customer.

Video Views

Video ads are some of the most effective ad formats. It can hook your audience with a video, which means that they engage with your ads for a longer duration.

The duration of a video that Facebook allows you to publish in these ads is a maximum of 120 mins. But note the best video ads are under 2 minutes.

Boosted Posts Ads

The simplest way you can advertise on Facebook. These are posts that are on your timeline, and you apply money to boost their reach.

Note that boosted posts lack some of the customizations features that Facebook ads have because they aren’t created on the Ads Manager. However, they are a good way to get more people to see your posts and they typically perform better than the average.

Messenger Ads

This type of ad uses the Send Message button to send your leads to the messenger chat. This is a great option if you have a Messenger sequence in place. It is always a good idea to test your creativity to find the ad that resonates best with your target audience.

Key #5: Using ABC Blocks To Measure Your Ads’ Copy

A — Does it grab attention?

B — Does it communicate a meaningful benefit?

C — Is there a Call-to-Action?

To be able to succeed with Facebook ads, you must test your copy. Over time, you’ll learn the techniques that work for your business.

Key #6: Use Custom or Lookalike Audiences 

Facebook lets you run specific campaigns to customer lists, website traffic, and engagement on Facebook. You can create up to 500 Custom Audiences per ad account.

When you’re ready to grow your business, you can use your Custom Audience to create a Lookalike Audience. Lookalike Audiences are lists of people to target with advertising who are similar to (or ‘look like’) the people currently engaging with your business.

Key #7: Use Pixel and Conversion Tracking

Pixel is a code that you add to your website or funnel, it lets you collect data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences, and remarket to specific audiences based on behavior.

You can even track customers across their devices. This lets you see if customers see your ads on mobile but switch to a desktop before buying. This information can help you refine your ad strategy and calculate your return on investment.

Key #8: Use Retargeting Ads and Automation

Reach audiences who already know you, personalize every ad for every customer, and keep your loyal clients coming back. You can create a custom audience from your list or Facebook Pixel to specify the people you want to reach.

Dynamic ads are particularly excellent as a re-marketing tactic for your existing website traffic. These ads provide a way to show single or multi-product ads to people based on their behaviour when they visited your business website. Dynamic ads are a powerful way to connect with customers and provide services they actually want to see.

Key #9: Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Audience Insights gives you information about people connected to your Page and people on Facebook so you can create content that resonates and easily find more people like the ones in your current audience.

Demographics Overview

See age and gender breakdowns, education levels, job titles, relationship statuses and more.

Find out what people like

Learn about people’s interests and hobbies.

Learn about lifestyles

Audience Insights combines relationship status and location to tell you about the types of people interested in your business.


Key #10 Avoid Making These Big Mistakes On Facebook Ads

Only Promote Your Offer to New Customers

Sure you need new customers every day. But you won’t achieve much success if you don’t target audiences that are in various stages of your sales funnel.

Thinking Facebook Ads Requiere Big Investments

Facebook ads are for all kinds of budget sizes. You can still get high returns even on investments as humble as $10 a day.

Not Testing Your Audience

Split testing is the key to getting the best out of your ad campaign. You must create at least 3 audiences for each campaign you run. This will eventually help you find the most profitable ads and audiences for your business.

Thinking That Facebook Ads Work Like A Coin Flip

The best campaigns are an ongoing process of creating, testing, and tweaking. The cycle starts again until you achieve your objectives. This gives you rich data, experience, and insights that you can feed into your next campaign for better results.

Expect Huge Return From Your First Campaign

There are many options to target your audience and promote your content. You have to understand that you need time to find the campaigns that will get you the results you need. You must continuously review your progress and make tweaks for better performance.

Final Thoughts

If you are a coach struggling to justify the expense of your ad or are new to all of this and are considering investing in ads.

Keep in mind that the basis for your strategy to work is to reach the right audience and have a good message. It won’t matter how much money you can invest, if your message is not well defined, it will not work. Facebook, as mentioned before, is a service provider that makes your life easier, but don’t forget that you are the one responsible for running the business.

Now you have everything you need to know to go ahead and run a Facebook ads campaign for your coaching business. Please share with us your results after following these tips that we are sharing with you.

About the author 

Michelle Castillo

Michelle is an online marketing expert , passionate about helping business owners to benefit from today’s online technology. I provide my clients with hype-free concise advice and services about the reality of what online success requires.

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