Pain-free Navigation for a Relaunched Website

Case Study: Farabloc Development Corp

Websites pose a big challenge to small businesses with products that can’t be explained in a fast sound byte or short sentence. Such companies need to quickly get across what they’re all about as soon as someone enters their site—and also keep visitors’ interest so that they don’t drop off and go to the next Google search or browser tab.

Stuck with an outdated site that wasn’t mobile friendly, Farabloc Development Corp. had this issue before Spot On Digital Marketing stepped in to transform its internet presence.

The British Columbia company offers drug-free pain relief in the form of a lightweight cloth that shields against high-frequency electromagnetic fields. This truly unique pharmaceutical alternative alleviates “phantom” limb pain felt by amputees and eases the aches of carpal tunnel syndrome suffers, among other painful ailments. It’s an amazing product—but not something that can be explained in a flash!

Getting—and keeping—new visitors’ attention

The fact is, companies have just seconds to keep the interest of website visitors—and that’s really hard to do when a new visitor is trying to figure out what the company is all about. Since first-time users of the site probably don’t know much about Farabloc, we wanted to make their navigation as easy as possible.

So, Farabloc’s site needs to meet the needs of new visitors, people looking for information on their mobile device or desktop, as well as current customers who want to order a new wrap or blanket.

That was our directive when we pored over the many pieces of Farabloc’s site and decided how they can best be displayed. We streamlined the organization of the site to make it easy for visitors to find research, media mentions, and testimonials.

Modern and mobile

The result: A relaunched website with a fresh, modern look and easy navigation. The homepage gets Farabloc’s message across instantly—in large bright letters over a beautiful captivating image, visitors see in big letters “Enjoy Life Again: Drug Free Relief.” The image of a carefree couple at the beach captures what this product will do for anyone feeling constant pain: Get them back to doing what they like to do and feel happy doing it.

There’s also many cues to entice visitors to stick around, including a video showing how Farabloc has changed the life of amputated dogs and easy access to the research that backs the claims of this 33-year-old British Columbia company.

Anyone new to the site will want to know not just about the company and the product but they want to hear from third parties on whether the product actually does what Farabloc says it does. With the new refreshed site, no matter what visitors are looking for—contact information, proof that Farabloc works, and testimonials from current users—they can easily find it from the clean homepage.

Spot On Digital Marketing assists small businesses with reaching their full potential. Tough-to-navigate sites turn off visitors—your prospects. For Farabloc, we prioritized the needs of their customers by ensuring they don’t have to dig around to find the information they need. They can easily see where to go for deciding if this pain-relieving product is right for them.

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Michelle Castillo

Michelle is an online marketing expert , passionate about helping business owners to benefit from today’s online technology. I provide my clients with hype-free concise advice and services about the reality of what online success requires.

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