Level up your Sales and Marketing Automation

With our unique Keap (aka Infusionsoft) Training and Coaching Program

Here is what's included 30-hours program 


Module 1: Audit and plan your marketing strategy using the customer value journey method

Get the clarity you need in order to move forward with your digital/online marketing and create an action plan that targets the high-priority issues first. Together we will work on:

  • Developing your Customer Avatar
  • Identifying your Statement of value
  • Mapping your existing Customer Value Journey
  • Doing a Keyword Research 
  • Developing a content strategy for the various stages of the customer journey
  • Developing an Email followup and marketing automation strategy
  • Creating a Lead acquisition strategy


Module 2: The basics of Using Keap/Infusionsoft

Learn how to use Keap the right way:

  • Managing contacts
  • Tags and categories in Keap and how to use them correctly
  • Campaigns and broadcasts and when to use them 
  • Creating Templates


Module 3: Automating your business with campaigns

Get Keap to do more of your work for you so you can focus on what’s most important.

  • Automated Calendar System
  • Introduction/Welcome Campaign
  • Nurturing leads
  • New clients onboarding campaign
  • Networking followup
  • Webinar Campaign
  • Capture Leads From The Stage SMS based Campaign


Module 4: Advanced topics
  • Using the Ecommerce in Keap
  • Using the sales pipeline 
  • Integrating with other applications such as Clickfunnels or a website using built-in integrations or Zapier 


Module 5: Keap Admin
  • Data management and cleanup
  • Dashboard reports

How it works

8 Weekly one-on-one sessions (Total of 12 hours)

Every week we will meet for 1.5 hrs for a coaching session where you will learn new topics and get  homework for the following week's meeting.

10 hours done-with-you implementation clinic

As you learn new skills and techniques we will work together to implement some of the more complicated tasks to make sure you never get stack and achieve the goal you have set up.

6 month additional support(9 hrs)

Once the initial eight weeks coaching is over, we will have a 1.5 hr monthly calls to review your progress and answer any questions you may have

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What's Included
  • 8 training session (12 hrs)
  • 10 Hours Done-with-you (10 hrs)
  • 6-month support (9 hrs)



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Listen to what Keap/Infusionsoft users are saying about your coach

Meet Your Coach - Michelle Castillo

As the founder and president of Bigger Impact Digital Growth Systems, Michelle Castillo has 15 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She has a Masters in Engineering and has lived and worked in Japan, Europe and all over North America where she has provided complex, million-dollar software development solutions to companies such as Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Dell and GM. Michelle’s international experience has led to a deep understanding of how to uncover varying client needs. This, together with her knowledge of todayʼs web technologies, gives Michelle the ability to provide clients with the best possible online business solutions.

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