Superior Email Marketing for Experts, Coaches and Course Creators

It’s time to scale up. You have the program set. Everything is ready. But they are not lining up at your virtual door. There is no waiting list. You want consistent 5, 6 or even 7-digit earnings but it’s just not there, yet. Okay, coach, what’s next?

Imagine you had $1,000 to invest in your business, with one proviso. It must return at least $10,000.

What would you do with it?
Invest in Facebook ads? Find a deal on the latest marketing software? Pump up your email marketing budget?

Email Marketing Returns for Experts, Coaches and Course Creators

Yes! Your email marketing budget is your best investment. Could the return on investment (ROI) really be as high as $10k on your initial $1k?

The Data & Marketing Association recently reported 2015 results showing that every for $1 invested in email marketing, $38 was earned in return.

That’s 3,800% ROI!

So, your original $1k could be worth $38k when you invest in email marketing as an expert, coach or course creator. But how?

How to get Superior Returns on Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is not magic, so it must be done right. Campaigns that drive results pay off big when you follow the guide.

Step #1 – A Solid Plan for your Email Marketing

You don’t need a huge email list or specialized software to start seeing results. The key is a solid email marketing plan. Your plan should include a well-defined purpose for each email. Digital Marketer describes these 5 purposes as:

  • Indoctrinate
  • Engage
  • Ascend
  • Segment
  • Reengage/Win Back

Too much emphasis in the wrong area and your potential clients start to ignore you. It may seem like a time-saving idea to “wing it”, but no matter how busy you are, don’t be tempted. This is the stage to invite an email marketing expert in to focus your efforts.

Step #2 – Subject Lines Really Matter

If nobody opens your email it all stops there. Your potential clients are as busy as you are. So, email subject lines that get results are worth the extra attention and planning.

Here are two articles with some tips about how to create good subject lines:

Subject lines are key to move your clients towards making a decision to enroll in your programs.

Step #3 – Compelling Copy

A few critical seconds grab their attention, or they delete your email and move on with their day. Busy people need an exceptionally good reason to stop and take notice.

Your program’s content is designed to be informative and inspirational. Your email campaign must be persuasive and compelling. It is a sales piece.

While it’s important to maintain the same voice, it often requires an exceptionally talented and flexible writer to manage both. So, don’t feel you need to stick with your content writer unless they have specific expertise with email campaigns, too.

Here are a couple of articles about writing persuasive email campaign content.

Convincing, persuasive, compelling copy in emails helps potential clients become loyal customers.

Step #4 – Keep Track

Have you ever asked a client about how things are going? Then, they tell you all about the improvements in their lives since they started working with you. And then they explain why they can’t continue in your program. All because they fail to see the connection. They think it’s a coincidence! You know the changes are a natural consequence of your work, but they aren’t keeping track.

That’s can easily happen with email marketing campaigns, too. As your results get better, or worse, you can discover exactly what is happening and why. So, by following 4 metrics you can know for sure how well your email campaign works.

The 4 metrics are…

  • Deliverability
  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Disengagement rate

Learn what each metric means and how they impact your results. This article outlines some of the details for you.

Ultimately, email marketing brings exceptional returns for experts, coaches and course creators.

Why hesitate?

Mostly, busyness, probably. You are better off doing the things you love that require your personal touch. And delegate the tasks that can be successfully completed by others. Like email marketing.


About the author 

Michelle Castillo

Michelle is an online marketing expert , passionate about helping business owners to benefit from today’s online technology. I provide my clients with hype-free concise advice and services about the reality of what online success requires.

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