What is Keap Pro

Keap Pro is a relatively new, cloud-based software launched in 2019 by the company formerly known as Infusionsoft. (Infusionsoft rebranded and became Keap at the beginning of 2019)

keap pro offers a lot of the robust and flexible features originally offered by infusionsoft with a redesigned interface and new features added monthly.

Keap Pro is an all-in-on sales & marketing toolkit that small businesses use to streamline their marketing strategy, and seamlessly acquire new leads and convert them into customers.

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A growing list of features to support your business success

Some of the key features offered by Keap Pro are:

  • Email marketing 
  • SMS messages 
  • Sale and Marketing Automation
  • CRM (Customer relationship management)
  • Appointments scheduling, reminders and followups
  • Quotes, Payments, and Invoice
  • Recently introduced: SMS messages  

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What can you do with Keap Pro?

What is Keap Pro
The redesigned user interface is straightforward to navigate, plus you no longer have to navigate different tools and overload your browser. It is a one-stop solution that will not only optimize your workflow but also save you time and help produce incredible results.
Below are some of the tasks that Keap will help automate for you so that you have more time and liberty to grow.

Capture and Organize Leads

Adding new leads is the most crucial aspect of marketing. It is something that all other tasks revolve around, and marketers will often go head over heels trying to acquire new leads. The time, effort, and finances that companies and agencies will spend in the struggle to gather leads are surreal.

Therefore, Keap’s primary efforts revolve around adding new leads to the CRM, by multiple different approaches. Some of which include importing contacts from other lists, smart forms, extracting information from your website and social media, scanning business cards, and others.

To increase the productiveness of the lead search, Keap’s lead automation integrates data from a multitude of platforms. It organizes them in a single place using its high-tech sales pipeline. This way, you can have storage of all your leads in a single place, without them scattered across different dashboards.

Allow clients and leads to quickly view your real-time availability and book appointments.

Yes, you no longer need to email back-and-forth trying to schedule appointments! 
Keap Pro seamlessly integrates with your online calendar (Google or Outlook) so that your contacts can see you availability and schedule an appointment with you even when you are asleep.  . 

It also adds the appointments  to your calendar and keeps you updated on them by notifications. It sends reminders to you and your contacts about the appointment so that you do not miss an opportunity to land a potential client or serve an existing client.

Manage your business sales pipeline

Your sales pipeline helps you evaluate your leads, track their activities and manage all of them according to importance. Despite this being a difficult task, Keap’s integration will help you automate this process in a highly sophisticated way.
The simple drag and drop option of the platform allows you to automate your sales pipeline with ease. With this tool, you have the option to remove tags, rigger email sequences, and move leads across each stage of sales.

Other Automation Services

Keap helps automate much more than just leads and appointments. It can automate emails, identity potential buyers, and segment clients in different ways. If you think that too much automation can hinder your personalized experience with clients, then you should not worry.

Keap can identify client’s personal preferences and formulate an email that has individualistic aspects. This advanced automation also involves follow-ups, payment reminders, invoices, and task creation so you do not have to worry about missing a lead.

Get Keap Pro Today with our exclusive offer

  • 2500 contacts
  • 2 users
  • 50% Off 4 Months

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