2 Ways To Use Infusionsoft Automation To Dominate Your Real Estate Market

One thing that is true of every Realtor®, no matter if they are a top producer with many years of business under their belt, or a brand new agent coming into the business for the first time is that nobody ever has enough time.

As a Real Estate Professional, you are your own business. That means you wear all the hats. While this can seem daunting at times, juggling listings, nurturing leads, and figuring out when you will have time to market yourself, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

The trick to this is to identify repetitive processes that can be automated for you. By doing that you will ensure a consistent hands-free execution of many important marketing activities.

And when it comes to automation, Infusionsoft is your best friend.

The most powerful aspect of Infusionsoft is that it combines robust CRM capabilities together with smart email marketing, SMS marketing and several integration options that allows you to build a scalable marketing system that supports the growth of your Real Estate business

Today I wanted to share with you two ways you can use Infusionsoft to grow your Real Estate practice and dominate your Real Estate market.

Generate Referrals From Past Clients

One thing that I’ve found Realtors® are universally bad at is getting client reviews, once they successfully sell or purchase a home on behalf of their clients. It’s not that they don’t want them, it’s just that the closing process is a busy and sometimes stressful one, so it doesn’t always pop into their mind that they need to ask for a review, or there just simply wasn’t enough time because once that transaction was completed, the agent is on to the next deal and the next set of issues.

The thing is – clients’ reviews are critical.

Past client reviews offer social proof for potential clients that are checking you out and trying to determine whether or not they should contact you to learn more about you and figure out if you can do business with each other. And, as discussed in my post about local search marketing, having a lot of positive reviews can have a major impact on your Google ranking.

While it’s true you can still generate leads without client reviews on your website or in your pre-listing packet, it does make it harder than if you had a bunch of them.

Why make things more difficult for yourself than it needs to be?

Infusionsoft can be used to automatically send follow up emails to all the clients your recently worked with.

The best way to follow up is in a two-step system:

  • First, ask for an honest feedback using a simple survey or form,
  • Next automatically ask clients who are happy to submit a Google or Yelp review. When a client feedback is not positive, instead of asking for a public review, the best approach is to contact him/her and find out what happened. Sometimes the simple act of caring can convert an unhappy client to a lifetime one that will refer others to you happily

Let Your Leads Dictate What Information They Want From You

Another thing I find curious is that most Realtors® I come into contact with have a drip marketing follow up system for leads, but it’s the same follow-up campaign no matter where the lead came from, or what type of lead it is. Or, if they do have multiple follow up campaigns for different types of leads, a lead is locked into a particular campaign, based on where they came from and they can’t choose what type of campaign they want to receive.

The importance of being able to let your lead dictate what they will receive is that many times a lead will come into you from one place, but in reality, they are a completely different type of lead. For instance, a lead may have come in from an inquiry form from one of your current listings (buyer lead), but it may turn out that they want to actually talk with you about selling their house. If that is the case, why risk turning them off and losing them by sending them buyer drip marketing material that is not pertinent to their specific needs?

Infusionsoft can fix this for you.

You can set your system so when you get a new lead, it will send an email out to your lead automatically, thanking them for reaching out and letting them know you will follow up with them ASAP. The message can go on to explain that you want to be sure you are getting them the exact information they want, and ask them to please note what information they are most interested in.

At that point, you can have 2 links for instance that they can click. Maybe one that is “I am interested in selling” and another that is “I am interested in buying”. Based on the link they click, the system can update that lead’s information and then send out the particular drip campaign that has the exact information they wish to receive.

The best part of this is they are already on the right track, in minutes, automatically, before you’ve actually been able to connect with them on the phone. Immediate gratification like that goes a long way.

About the author 

Michelle Castillo

Michelle is an online marketing expert , passionate about helping business owners to benefit from today’s online technology. I provide my clients with hype-free concise advice and services about the reality of what online success requires.

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