3 Ways To Use A Facebook Messenger Bot As Part Of Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

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In on of my recent articles, I discussed why you should be leveraging Facebook Messenger Bots. Today I thought I would expand on that article and discuss with you three specific ways you can use Facebook Messenger Marketing, to help grow your business.

Lead Generation

One of the biggest complaints we hear from Realtors® when talking about online leads, is that the quality of the leads is poor. This leads Real Estate agents down a bad path. Rather than work to figure out how to generate better leads, they stop trying to get and/or follow up with online leads altogether.

This is certainly not the way to build your Real Estate practice.

Rather than risk harming the growth of your Real Estate business, use a bot to help qualify the “right leads”. For instance, maybe instead of a landing page, you are using a Facebook Bot for your lead capture method for an ebook about the local market in your area. The first step, of course, is the lead opts into the bot to get a link to download the ebook. Next, your bot can actually ask the lead qualifying questions. For instance, the bot may ask something, such as, “Thanks for downloading my ebook about the Real Estate market in Vancouver! Are you thinking of buying a home soon?”

If the lead answers “yes”, the bot could continue and ask something like, “Have you been pre-qualified for a home loan yet?”. The answer to the question can with getting more information from the lead, and can also simultaneously pass the lead on to you, as a hot lead.

Or, if the lead answered “no”, the bot may say something like, “I see. Thanks for downloading my e-book. When you are ready to start seriously looking at jumping into the market, please contact me anytime.”

You may ask, “What is the difference between this and simply having the free ebook on my website?”

The difference is that your captured leads are facebook profiles. Any future communication with them is most likely to be done using FB messenger. And, as you may remember from my previous article, this form of communication is much more responsive than emails or phone calls, giving you a higher chance of converting that lead to a client.

Handling “High Need” Clients

I’d venture to guess that every single Real Estate agent that is reading this article, at one time or another, has had that one client that is just super in need of you, and takes up the majority of the time you devote to spending with clients. For instance, have you ever had a buyer that you show property after property, all of them in keeping with the type of home they are looking for, only to have them decide each one won’t work out, for a differing variety of reasons? While Facebook Bots can’t solve this, they can help you handle it.

For instance, you could have your bot send your buyer client a list of the homes that most closely match the type of house they are looking for. After the buyer client clicks through the photos of the home and reads about it’s amenities, you can have the bot ask your buyer client if they’d like to set up a time to view the property in person. Your client will like this, because a Facebook Bot feels more personal and interactive than simply getting an email from you with a list of homes they might want to check out. Even better, by the time your client has gone through the entire list of properties, detailing what they like and what they don’t, you’ll have a much more defined list of homes to look at, that are much more likely to be one that your client would like to make an offer on.

Lead Nurturing

The number one factor that determines whether or not you will convert a lead into a client is the consistency with which you follow up with them. If you have a lot of listings that are demanding your time and attention, it is likely that you will skip follow up communication and nurturing with these leads, making it harder for you to successfully grow your Real Estate Practice.

This is where Facebook messenger campaigns come into play. Similar to email campaigns in some ways, a messenger campaign sends messenger’s messages to the list of your bot subscribers. This is a very effective form of marketing. Again, consider our last article on Facebook bots. We’re seeing campaigns garnering open rates of nearly 90%. This is a perfect way to keep in touch with your leads, when you are very busy, but still want to make an impact.

Of course, you want to be sure you are personally following up with your leads on a regular basis, but in the event that you get swamped with listings or client needs, your Bot can do some of the lifting for you, making sure you have the greatest chances of converting that lead into a client.

About the author 

Michelle Castillo

Michelle is an online marketing expert , passionate about helping business owners to benefit from today’s online technology. I provide my clients with hype-free concise advice and services about the reality of what online success requires.

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