Content Recycling – Is it really the best way to create content?

Content recycling is often branded as the ‘ultimate branding strategy.’ This is because its perceived as a time saver and a way to keep the value of old content.

But is it really such a great idea?

Sean from Thrive Theme has a different take on that:

A summary:

Recycling content often involves reusing one piece of content across various social media sites, thereby increasing the traffic to different social media sites but without spending the time to develop new content. 

One word: LAZY. And your clients will feel that way too. After all, if you are willing to spend time to ensure your clients have accurate, fresh, and up-to-date information, how can they guarantee that your services will generate the care they need? 

Alternative to Content Recycling

If your desire to use content recycling stems from an inability to come up with new content, try developing a content marketing strategy.

Such strategies include the ToFu-MoFu-BoFu, Casting a Net, Teach & Ask, and Evergreen Posts  - 

By using these strategies, you’ll always have fresh ideas to post and you won’t have to rely on recycling content.

About the author 

Michelle Castillo

Michelle is an online marketing expert , passionate about helping business owners to benefit from today’s online technology. I provide my clients with hype-free concise advice and services about the reality of what online success requires.

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