Online Course Case Study:

The Challenge:

Tanya Steele is a professional instructor, trainer, speaker and British Columbia Regional Safety Advisor.

Tanya’s website,, was built in 2019 to provide online training to joint health and safety committee members.

The website provides an easy and effective way for companies to train new committee members. The eight-hour course is a mandatory training requirement by WorkSafe BC, a BC provincial agency.

In its first stage, the training was a set of eight videos. Companies that wanted to train their employees had to contact Tanya directly and purchase a certain number of seats. Tanya then had to provide each student with login credentials, which allowed the student to watch the videos.

The access would expire after 30 days, after which Tanya allowed people to email her to request an extension of two days. When this happened, she had to manually provide this extension by going into the website and updating permissions on a case-by-case basis.

When people completed the course, Tanya would manually create a PDF certificate and send it to the student. She had no way to know if people had actually gone through the course

The Solution:

The new website is a big leap forward, providing a whole new experience.  Each lesson is accompanied by homework and a quiz, and people can’t  start a new lesson before they complete the previous one.

Company admins can purchase a training licence online. They have access to an admin dashboard where they can see the progress of every member. Certificates are produced automatically when someone successfully completes the entire course.

Access expires automatically after 30 days, and students have a button they can click to request an extension of two days. This is all done automatically, without any input from Tanya.

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